Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Men Are Good For

My electric beaters broke and my wrists felt too sore to beat the eggs by hand. Fortunately, my husband had a solution!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Geeky Valentines

I packed my kids off for school on Valentines with cookies for friends. Then my husband and I rushed to the bedroom and...ate chocolate while making Dungeons and Dragons characters. Hubby has this great plan to introduce the kids to "Warcraft on paper" (he figures this is how to explain it to the modern sensibilities of children). From there, when he saw me making the children little needle felted Valentine's ladybugs, he said, "What about me?" I figured he wanted ladybugs, but no, he wanted a Dungeons and Dragons Beholder, first edition style. Here's his belated Valentine's present!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Real Snow and Wishes of Spring

After boring my kids silly telling them that we never get any real snow, we finally got some. You know, the stuff that the dog can barely wade through and that invites hours of snow angels and fort making. But i found myself dreaming of spring despite having wished this snow for the children. I made this gentle little spring celebration doll for my Etsy shop and tried to imagine the gentle breezes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Give Nova Scotia Some Love

What a beautiful, fun, creative province we live in! Everywhere, I meet talented musicians, artists, business people and people-people! Yesterday, I checked my e-mail and saw I had the delightful news that some great folks on Etsy started up a team for Nova Scotia named 902 Hustler (actually, I wonder about PEI because I think they are area code 902 as well). I looked at the shops in the membership, and there was so much to see! You can give them a visit here. Blueberry Bay Photos also made a great treasury to give a sampling of the talent I'm talking about (just click on the link). You should visit her shop, too, while you're at it. I've used a couple of her photos for treasuries in the past: they're stunning!

I just added another treasury for the team as I needed to cheer up in this weather. It's spring inspired! Click here for spring cheer.

Friday, January 28, 2011

More Winter fun

It's been ice and snow and cold all around! My poor rooster frost bit his comb, so I've been keeping the chickens in, and we've been in a lot more, too. The kids have been in tennis and some ice skating at the rink, but I was so much wanting them to get to skate outdoors. We were going to go skating at a pond by the beach, but the ice wasn't ready and the wind was bitter cold. I did get to take some nice, moody, gray pics of the beach, though.

At last we had some good skating conditions a couple of days later and the kids went skating on a flooded puddle in the woods. They did OK, and the woods were a lot more sheltered and pleasant.

Our rabbit, who used to be a house bunny (litter trained and all that), wasn't very happy when we adopted our dog, Tucker. A couple of months ago, we moved him to an enclosure in back of the chickens. He quickly burrowed under the coop, and now he has the run of the yard and a warm place to hide. he's been playing a lot with the cats and the chickens. this morning, the rabbit and our cats were all playing around the swimming pool, which is frozen over. I've got some cute pics of the three of them. Charcoal is the rabbit, and Socks (black and white) and Diamond (gray) are the cats.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nonteam Treasury Challenge

Every week, I've been enjoying playing the nonteam treasury challenge on Etsy. Here's how it works: The winner of the previous weeks challenge gets to enter an item from their shop as the inspiration item, and the contestants build up treasuries using a theme inspired by the object. I's a great win-win situation because people promote each other, meet each other and have fun with a creative challenge. The link to the blogspot is:
Anyone can join the fun!

I got featured in a fun treasury for this challenge by Stone Savvy:

Here's my treasury that I just completed for the challenge:
It's all about things meant to be together: Moms and babies, wine and cheese (mmm!)and happy couples.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Words of Wisdom from my 10 Year Old's Spelling Sentences

"We get feed to feed our chickens so they do not die"

True, true... And in return they feed us with lovely eggs.