Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here's my latest creation for Etsy: a needle felted black lab.  I wanted to tell you a bit about its inspiration: our dog Tucker.

When we moved out here to Guysborough County, we found we had a common link to the three siblings who had sold us the house.  One of them had a son whose then fiancee I had once babysat. (It is an amazing fact about the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia that you can travel three hours along its coast and find connections between yourself and a few people in any given community.  An amazing small world phenomena, along with that while living in Alberta I still manged to bump into people I know from the Eastern Shore.)After getting over picturing this girl full grown and not eight years old, I also learned that my neighbor's son was funny, creative, a good person to have as a friend and that he had been blind since his late teens.  Tucker was his very faithful and hard working guide dog.  Tucker was getting on in age (he just turned 10) and wasn't up to guide dog work anymore due to his arthritis.  His owner was trying to find someone to adopt him that was home more often than not and that would be OK with him visiting his old friend once in a while.  And that's how we came to have Tucker.

Now he gets to be happily retired, watching chickens, going for leisurely walks in the woods and being my artistic muse.  Isn't he lovely?  I couldn't do him justice.

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