Friday, January 28, 2011

More Winter fun

It's been ice and snow and cold all around! My poor rooster frost bit his comb, so I've been keeping the chickens in, and we've been in a lot more, too. The kids have been in tennis and some ice skating at the rink, but I was so much wanting them to get to skate outdoors. We were going to go skating at a pond by the beach, but the ice wasn't ready and the wind was bitter cold. I did get to take some nice, moody, gray pics of the beach, though.

At last we had some good skating conditions a couple of days later and the kids went skating on a flooded puddle in the woods. They did OK, and the woods were a lot more sheltered and pleasant.

Our rabbit, who used to be a house bunny (litter trained and all that), wasn't very happy when we adopted our dog, Tucker. A couple of months ago, we moved him to an enclosure in back of the chickens. He quickly burrowed under the coop, and now he has the run of the yard and a warm place to hide. he's been playing a lot with the cats and the chickens. this morning, the rabbit and our cats were all playing around the swimming pool, which is frozen over. I've got some cute pics of the three of them. Charcoal is the rabbit, and Socks (black and white) and Diamond (gray) are the cats.

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